I’m getting about fps with glxgears. If i do glxgears i only get fps per second. Youtube “HD” videos in full screen run pretty well with the occasional jerkiness or glitch although it seems to be less with compositing disabled. If you’d like to contribute content, let us know. I took a closer look and voila: The correct package – which is based on the 2. Maybe I should try some other Flash versions.

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Even the new ones?

My FPS mhe glxgears is horrible! I Don’t think you’d need those to tell that nvidia is best by far. Is a plugged extern monitor still flickering? Im a newbie when it comes to linux, I’ve tried it before but gave up in frustration with gusty, i have a VGN FE with a integrated graphics card, however when i try to use compiz instead of metacity the screen turns either white or displays a random image, i restart and im back on meta city, i want wobbly windows can some one please help.


I started subscribing to this thread mjd I had ordered a new laptop recently with this chip, hoping that a solution would show up in time since compiz is a must for me as well. Well, I upgraded to 9.

DRI is the kernel module merged into with. Also in Intrepid full screen Flash videos Youtube are not smooth. SGI client glx version string: When I tried it first, the screen went blank again, just like when I tried installing it first time. Oh, and by the way; The Xorg. I managed to boot in recovery mode and get the root command prompt.

And I don’t care about specifik fps anyway, I just want basic 3D to work while compiz is running This bug affects 1 person. Currently I’m using kernel 2.

But when I do so in the xorg. I’m really about to give up on running Corg Wars. I dont have xorg.

Intel GMA 4500MHD, Ubuntu 11.04

Thanks for the link, by the way. I do however have some crappy problems with some windows programs which are forcing me to dual boot windows XP The Intel Linux Graphics Driver web portal: This brings fps in Ubuntu 8.


But this did not change the fps.

Add this under the Device section in your xorg. Whether Compiz is active or not, I get tearing in my videos regardless of the player used vlc, mplayer, totem But I have a problem running certain games, specifically Super Tux Kart, its mdh unplayable. I thought Ubuntu 9.

[ubuntu] Intel GMA MHD better driver? [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

I’m getting about fps with glxgears. Very frustrating framerate drop. Also in full screen I get this rate. Im pretty happy with it, but will keep my eye on the Intel progress at the same time. I still wonder why I have the least problems The should be autodetected and configured. Use the ‘mark all uppgrades’-button and then ‘apply’