But once in Windows, the CPU ran at 2. I may at some point go SLI, but not immediately, so keep that in mind. Super PI Mod v1. If just one videocard is installed, that card gets the full 16 lanes of PCI Express. It allows users to control their systems and realistically with nTune, there is no longer a need to go into the BIOS to adjust settings, now you can do everything within WindowsXP or Vista! Thanks for the help. Hey guys and gals, I am upgrading my computer this weekend and I am torn between a few motherboards and I want to see what you people think of them and also if someone could answer a technical question for me.

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It seems that most of the CPUs you can buy off-the-shelf offer substantial headroom. I motyerboard state that price isn’t really the issue, it’s relevant if the features justify the price. This is less than the full 16 lanes a PCI Express videocard really craves, but most current generation videocards run without any significant handicap. Buy a budget board and low-cost CPU.

Gamers and Digital Media Enthusiasts. The games we use are very GPU intensive, so we dialed down the performance parameters as much as we could. The i Ultra chipset offers a robust memory controller, known as the system platform processoror SPP for short. Today, we have a look at the latest chipset available from Nvidia in the i Ultra.


Before we ran each benchmark, we executed the command rundll Can a budget board push your budget CPU to sublime clock frequencies? We also burned each system in with multiple runs of Memtest86 2.

Final Thoughts And Conclusion. This CPU runs at 1.

The evga i Ultra A1 Motherboard Review – Legit ReviewsIntroduction

Do you have any additional cooling in it? Installation is pretty straightforward, the User’s Manual and Quick Installation Guide each contain a good set of mltherboard. VR-Zone is a leading online technology news publication reporting on bleeding edge 650 in PC and mobile gadgets, with in-depth reviews and commentaries.

It packs in value and won’t cost nearly as much as a high end nForce i board does. When we installed the Nvidia 8. The review I linked to is from Feb 07 and the i is from April Consider this screen shot. About Us Employment Privacy Policy.

Evga 650i, LGA 775/Socket T, Intel (122-CK-NF66-A1) Motherboard

However, the chipset offers most of the other features of the i, such as:. Take our experience with trying to build a budget SLI system.

We ran this test multiple times on both systems, and obtained similar results, so the numbers motberboard consistent. We suspect this board could easily become the core of a good gaming system.


Abit Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI 650i Motherboard

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The more budget minded enthusiast will certainly motherbard a look at the other options like the i LT and the i.

Although it has fewer features available, it was a great choice for motjerboard bang-for-your-buck enthusiast. NTune allows you to manually—or automatically—overclock your system. The Top Tech Picks of But if the i is 605i better chipset then I’ll forget about it.

Here are the boards in question: In the video encoding tests, we see little differences between the platforms. Each motherboard had a clean install of Windows XP Professional with service pack 2 and all updates installed. The key differences between the two models are the warranty and the inclusion of a printed manual in the A1 version.

RightMark Audio Analyer Page However, we only ran nTune once, to capture that screen shot.