The “bad” thing is: Real difference between VR That’s what I feared would happen. If so then this sounds like a good sign that the boards will work to some extent once the voltage problem is fixed. I have electronic-experience, SMD soldering etc. Here are links to hi-res pics of the boards:

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You have a tutorial for this maybe? Not to mention the dozens of others who surely did the same. Or could you tell me how I may get copys of them? You want to modify the contacts on your CPU. They use too many PWM chips that not often see in other laptop.

Adp Sound Driver – de Driver

I own a p5wd2 p, and i dont want to buy a new motherboard: Don’t have the time to further test it now. I read everything on the net, but can’t find the real problem component level Before buy a new mobo i’m going to try repair the old one. All Mods are finished now. These are available on Intel’s website. I found out something very intersting today.


If it’s really impossible, I’ll drop the idea, but I’d like to have a proof first. I got a Xeon just today. Meaker Sager Oct 5, Why should I in the first place? At powerup i only get 1.

I have to say Thanks to all my russian friends for the article. Exactly my assumption so far. As the CPU aep3188 down if the temps are out of range, this could be another problem.

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I already feel the fun I’ll have with this project. Also changed my mind concerning the E It should be fine for some time: In my opinion we can write off Vcore VRM adp1388 being the problem as thats a load of hokum to start with Unfortunately my new University semester started 2 weeks ago and my free time is very limited ATM.

The pic indeed shows the underside of the CPU. Hi jialinc, do you have and email add or ym?

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That’s it for now. Share This Page Tweet. It’s still in 0. I dont think its a big problem either, most things can be dissabled and if not then i’d put a guess that it’ll be using an SPI interface which is somethig a mico could easilly ‘fake’ for us. I’m sorry if this sounds eound, but do you really think I didn’t do that already?


ADP3181 ADP3188 ADP3180 ADP3168 ADP3806 new original 3 ! !

Will purchase a PTM1. I have a travelmate andboth of them have faulty ports, and the cause on both of them were mobile phones, just yesterday i connected a W, the screen started blinking, had to hard reset, after powering on again the CMOS reported bad checksum, reset the cmos and got in windows, but since then none of the usb ports are working.

A Celeron will have to be the guinea-pig when modding the board, but later I’ll get the Conroe E when the price is right. Perhaps I’ll need someone with a Bad Axe and a multimeter and then, this mod should be more than possible.

New Thinkpad X Yoga non-original components check davideOct 17,in forum: