Customize The Tech Report The cascading series of dongle, cables, and output block required to supply component video output, for instance, isn’t especially elegant when hanging out the back of an entertainment center. Fortunately, it can most likely fend for itself. The Theater translates analog video streams into digital data for computer use, handling the analog-to-digital conversion, filtering, and scaling. The Remote Wonder Plus. Unfortunately, recent versions of ATI’s Remote Wonder software seem to have a tendency to crash for no reason, robbing one of control of the PC and throwing an error message:.

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Its USB receiver thingy. Another difference from the regular X line is that the card features MB of memory; half of what the other two cards feature. The Theater chip is on board the All-in-Wonder X card as well.

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With the All-in-Wonder X, you can download the latest drivers to take advantage of the alo-in-wonder to lower the CPU requirements to view H. This tuner works in concert with ATI’s own Theater video decoder chip, which is on the underside of the board and not shown in the picture above.

The all-in-wonrer graphics power of this thing is considerable, but there is no close analog to it on the market right now. The Theater translates analog video streams into digital data for computer use, handling the analog-to-digital conversion, filtering, and scaling.

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First of all the core is built on the 90nm technology. There are plenty of physics and particle effects and the models are really detailed. All-in-wonfer previous Remote Wonders, this device uses RF rather than infrared to communicate with its receiver, giving it a little more range and a lot more reliability. I’d prefer a video card with Y, Pr, and Pb ports coming out of a simple, three-way output adapter.


Still, I think this is a good illustration of one reason why the AIW may not always be suited for one of its purported roles: But thanks to its 48 shaders running at MHz, the AIW X rips through 24 billion pixel shader cycles each second.

Voldenuit It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays. No Interruptions Day Shortbread. Merry Christmas from The Tech Report staff!

Our test setup included: One way to roughly compare pixel shader power between GPUs with the same basic heritage is to look at the number of pixel shader cycles per second running on the chip. The bracket features one DVI connector, one coaxial cable connector, one FM antenna connector, and the dongle connector for the other external connections.

If the instability is caused by a software conflict, it must be conflict with a very all-in-woder system-level driver or the like.

ATI all-im-wonder all of the right pieces in place, but they haven’t glued them together properly yet.

ATI’s All-In-Wonder X1900 graphics card

You don’t have all-ih-wonder point this remote at the receiver, although the infrared-trained will find it hard to resist, which can make for hours of unintentional comedy. About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile. You can also setup how you would like the files to be deleted from your hard drive. The TV Player has a nice feature set of options allowing you to record in different formats.


Lal-in-wonder such as content date last viewed, and size can help you keep your hard drive clean of unwatched or unwanted video after a certain criteria is met.

That’s exactly the same core clock as the Radeon X XL and a slightly lower memory speed. It is, indeed, a wonder.

Voldenuit It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays. At the bottom left of the card in the picture above, you can see a rectangular gold plating covering the AIW’s TV tuner. The level of customization in recording is pretty good and all-in-eonder that offers more than the very capable Windows Media Center Fortunately, a,l-in-wonder can most likely fend for itself.

However, the button layout on the Plus is all-in-wobder superior and more intuitive, especially the joint volume up-down buttons. These two software inclusions give consumers a great suite of video and image editing tools. The Remote Wonder Plus does that quite well, but it’s also fully programmable, and it has templates to work with a handful of popular applications.