Use Graphic Patchbay to configure your connections, as well as resolution and sample rates. Once you have your drivers locked in with Auto Connector, you now can ignore it. Can anyone help me out on this one? The fix is to minimize Sonar to the taskbar and it works. Do other sequencers have this problem, I wonder? You really only need super low latency when you are composing.

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Not a big change, just a couple of clicks. Kwgm, I am not sure if you have read my other posts in another discussionbut I found a temporary workaround for this. Disable in Device Manager and reboot. You really only need super low latency when you are composing.

Yamaha n8 User Manual

I have tried about 3 different firewire cables thinking it is my cables – The problem still exsists. Go ahead and use them all–that will give you 3 stereo pairs with which to record. Let me know how you make out. I have done extensive testing and been on the phone with Yamaha mLAN tech support for hours.


I have all the latest Sonar patches installed. I was under the impression that the setting carry over from version 5 to version 6 during the installation. I am on the phone with Cakewalk support right now and they think aio is a Video card Anyone have any ideas???

Calling mLAN Users??? | Cakewalk Forums

So I am completely lost in what else to try. The fix is to minimize Sonar to the taskbar and it works. I have even tried setting different latency settings, no luck!

I did a recording session last night but now i cannot edit the tracks because if Sonar is maximized I get asil drop outs. Here is what I have done so far: View this video to see what I mean: I know it’s frustrating–you just want to plug in and go–once you have a proper configuration, that’s what you’ll be able to do.

Saio will most likely double post this as a possible bug and see what other help I can get. Sorry, I misunderstood your problem to be with recording and not playing, audio. Do other sequencers have this problem, I wonder? Thank you both so much for the knowledge and quick response, you saved me!!!! Dropouts and Other Audio Problems. My audio does playback just fine but I just can record. Also, have you checked for updated drivers for your Firewire card? This is very strange???


Asi I found someone else with the same issue and had them try my temporary fix and they confirmed it does indeed work. I have my graphic patchbay setup asuo because I am getting audio from my Motif ES6 which is connected to my network.

More than once I cursed myself for not going that way, too! You want to first use Auto Connector. If I hit play in Sonar I man audio drop outs or mutes. Again, the Forums at mlancentral have info, as do the Readme files. You can go with a higher setting once your are mixing. Also, read the help topic: