Originally posted by continuum: It is humiliating to take your computer in for repairs when you have been building your own systems for years. Mon Nov 18, 3: I took the motherboard back and got another, same problem. Mon Nov 18, Sat Nov 16, Originally posted by Captainpabst:

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DRAM pins to the left.

How do your voltages check out in the bios? Only in very rare cases can motherboards not run faster RAM at slower speeds.

The “Cable select” thing was just a suggestion I saw on the web. The voltage on a particular rail could be far enough out of spec to cause problems. Originally posted by grimm Mon Nov 18, Mon Nov 18, 8: Well, I don’t know if I have any answers but It doesn’t matter they aren’t showing up soumd the ASUS probe.


I can get WinME installed but it is very slow and freezes every ? I only have WindowsME and Linux. Tried to unlock it but no joy so far.

I see that you have a W PS, but the power could be dodgy anyway. Sun Nov 17, 9: Jul 2, Posts: Mon Nov 18, 6: Originally posted by MCGreen: And how competent are these technicians going to be?

ASUS A7NVM/AA drivers

Aug 21, Posts: Jul 1, Posts: The first thing that came to mind was w7n266vm, but you checked that out I think I have the skills to work as a tech and this has me scratching my head Pete Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius Registered: Seeing as that you can’t always overclock your FSB toyou won’t always be running the memory at its maximum rated speed. Here they are in no particular order of quality: Is the board ok with other versions of Windows, or in another OS?

On soudn VM it is hardwired you’ll see the wire soldered on the left and middle spots.


Mon Nov 18, 2: I still think the CPU might the problem. Do you have any case fans? Full contact, proper amount of thermal paste, functioning fan?

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Tried to take the CPU back, q7n266vm the store tested it supposedly and said it was fine. I would try installing Windows or XP and see if it likes that better. Mon Nov 18, 7: