This option is intended to be used in following cases: Note that when enabled, this option can adversely affect the framerate of applications that render frames at less than refresh rate. Specify the RandR output s to use with zaphod mode for a particular driver instance. With XAA, specifying lower percentage than what gets reserved without this option has no effect, but the driver tries to increase the video RAM reserved for textures to the amount specified roughly. For example, Option “PanelSize” “x” The default value is none. Enable a static low power mode.

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AMD Radeon™ HD M Drivers & Support | AMD

In earlyATI launched the Radeon Rwdeon re-released later as the Radeon in European identical chip with a lower clock speed and slower memory. The framebuffer can be addressed either in linear or tiled mode. This can help reduce heat and increase battery life by reducing power usage at the expense of performance.

Archived from the original on Set AGP data transfer rate. Option “DisplayPriority” ” string “. The default value is off. Enable this option to ignore lid status on laptops and always detect LVDS as attached.


The Radeon RV was launched alongside the Radeon This option has no effect rx200 Mac cards. By default, all 8 bits per color component are used.

R introduced pixel shader version 1. This is different from NoDDC option. The R series of Radeon graphics cards is supported by the Amiga operating systemRelease 4 and higher.

The frequency parameter may be specified as a float value with standard suffixes like “k”, “kHz”, “M”, “MHz”. In these cases rareon Radeon may even compete with the newer GeForce 4 series running a DX8 codepath.

[ubuntu] ATI RS/RSM [IGP M] problem.

It reduces tearing at the cost of performance and has been known to cause instability on some chips. The default is EXA. Several hardware review sites noted anomalies in actual game tests with the Radeon This article is about the GPU series released in Force subpixel order to specified order.

The references used may be made clearer with a different or consistent style of citation and footnoting.


The default is to enable hardware acceleration. Enable dynamic clock gating. The texture filtering capabilities of R are also improved over its predecessor.

This article has multiple issues. If you get an empty area at the right usually pinkdecrease it. Enable subpixel decimation on analog panels.

AMD Radeon™ HD 7610M Drivers & Support

Enable a static low power mode. Retrieved September 20, If disabled, no scanline synchronization is performed, meaning tearing will likely occur. Driver development for the R line ended with the Catalyst 6. This is typically needed on the Radeon cards bundled with Apple G5s.

This article has an unclear citation style. TV-out is experimental and may not function on these chips as well as hoped for. It has two values: