Paul Breaud, he is my partner in business and my friend. Being around the fans and the other drivers, worst is being away from home. December 27, By admin Leave a Comment. Mud racing for years, wanted to go bigger. The family consisted of father, mother, and two siblings. Backdraft seemed to always have the longest lines of people to get autographs at pit parties from the time of its conception. The ideas of the future were being put together as he grew.

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Return to top of page. The truck returned, as all foreign shows were canceled. Who in Monster trucks do you look up to for inspiration? At the beginning of economical times, he diversified his operation from purchases of larger timber equipment to monster trucks.

Again, supposedly not known to his parents, much practice was happening with a bigger lawnmower. While on the road, what is monstre favorite thing to do during your free time?

It needed to be someone that would continue to grow the image he had built for Backdraft. The city and country side bqckdraft beautiful and the people are very kind. November 8, By admin Leave a Comment.


How would your friend and family describe you? On Pine St. Unknown to anyone, the name and the theme for the new monster truck was developed by him, and is still alive today.

He also had a Backdraft ride truck at Wildwood, New Jersey. The Backdraft monster truck was born.

Backdraft seemed to always have the longest lines of people to get autographs at pit parties from the time of its conception.

Backdraft and Black Stallion in Baltimore. December 27, By admin Leave a Comment. What is the best and worst thing about being on the road every weekend?

Wfhen my son became a monster truck driver What is your most prized possession? Sarcastic, Optimistic, fun loving, loyal.

Yruck very popular fire truck bodied Backdraft that debuted in What advice would you give to kids who want to become a Monster truck driver? October 8, By admin Leave a Comment. Today, Rick, his wife Sherry, and his son Ryan are in business together. The latest news, results, photos, and videos from monster truck shows around the world.

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There was the original monster truck with the specially designed flames and flashing lights, and then Rick designed the fire truck style; it was one of the first monster trucks to race at Daytona Beach. Both the father and mother had great interest in the growth of Delmar and were involved heavily. In the quaint little bi-state bsckdraft community of Delmar, Maryland is where a dream began.


I like old westerns What is your favorite memory on or off the race track?

The son followed the father to the firehouse daily, as that is where the father spent much of his off time. Paul Breaud, he is my partner in business and bacjdraft friend. Both divisions have grown, as they are a favorite with their customers. Airville, PA What major city is it near?

BackDraft Monster Truck

Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. As years passed and the trruck boy grew, he got his first four-wheel-drive, an old International Scout, but it met the requirements for the dream—four wheel drive. Much thought was given as what was going be used as the theme.