During a safety car phase, safety is, obviously, essential, but I still need to maintain a certain level of speed. If Maylander takes to the track it usually means somebody else has crashed off it. With this, I notify the marshals that there are no other cars coming behind me and that they can enter the circuit. The safety car driver – Bernd Maylander Share. Throughout the early s he continued to compete in DTM, but with little success and in he stopped racing competitively. I tend to drive at my limit during the safety car phase.

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The safety car driver – Bernd Maylander

With this, I notify the marshals that there are no other cars coming behind me and that they can enter the circuit. Leadership key if young C are to succeed in Super Rugby. This means that a Formula 1 car can overtake the safety car every three laps. He gathers the flock and protects it when something goes awry, a far harder task than it appears on our television screens, even for a retired racing car driver. He watches the race on a TV in the car and receives constant weather updates.

The storm that arrived for Friday practice was so violent, race officials called it quits before drivers could finish the session.

Ultimately it is race director Charlie Whiting’s call as to whether Maylander is deployed, but he does have maylandre say by communicating with race control throughout the event. The laps completed during the safety car phase count as normal race laps.


Who on earth is Bernd Maylander? | Formula 1 | F1 features |

Super Rugby enters its 21st season this week, but there is no reason to party as expansion has made the competition woefully lopsided, Greg Growden writes. Tell us about the official Formula 1 safety car? I always watch the third practice session. Tests have shown that the driver can see them much better on the display – this goes a long way towards increasing safety on the circuit. The pace of the Safety Car can often times be deceptive, especially at Monza, where the Italian Grand Prix is set to take place Sunday.

Expanded Super Rugby a convoluted mess. During the race, I am constantly in the safety car, following the race on the monitor in my car and listening to the radio, which connects me to Race Control.

In the evening, I try to exercise or again go out for dinner. Naturally, on race day, Maylander arrives at the track bright and early. All the cars, beginning with the race leader, must line up behind the safety car. I arrive even earlier in Melbourne, usually on Tuesdays.

The safety car driver – Bernd Maylander

When are you deployed onto the track? After all the hard work and excitement, I like to relax and spend Sunday evenings at home. However, it is Maylanrer when he really earns his money. If no support race takes place, my day usually ends there. On hearing the command “Safety car stand-by”, he prepares the car to leave and on the words “Safety car go” he heads out onto the track to try and pick-up the race leader.


Afterwards, we perform another GPS test of the circuit – this test is performed daily from Thursday through to Sunday. I check the camera and the radio function one more time and make sure I get the most recent weather hernd – a very important part of my race preparation. Our mechanics also follow the radio from the pit lane. Saturday evening, I tend not to stay up late, because I want to be fit for the all important race day.

It will remain until the hazardous situation is mayllander control and the FIA feel that it is safe to resume racing. Michael Ruane’s anonymity was nice while it lasted.

Bernd Mayländer

Jerry Wong holds lead with 80 left after Day 5 of main event. He makes similar runs on every morning of the weekend to check the circuit’s GPS system, which allows the F1 cars to be tracked and triggers warning lights in their cockpits if there is an accident.

As of Saturday, I regularly look in on our weather service to get the latest updates. They inform Race Control if they want me to speed up or slow down. maglander

If Maylander takes to the track it usually means somebody else has crashed off it. It is maylannder the relationship between an airplane pilot and air traffic control: