The privacy policy is sent to shareholders annually. Many factors affect risks of mutual funds that invest in various kinds of stocks. Pearl Total Return Fund 2. Your calls, e-mails, and faxes come directly into our office, to help us respond to you quickly. Portfolio holdings are subject to change at any time without notice, and changes have been made recently. This report is not an offer of or a solicitation of an offer to buy either Fund, nor shall either Fund be offered or sold to any person, in any jurisdiction in which the offer, solicitation, purchase, or sale would be unlawful under its securities laws.

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We believe this single focus on Pearl Funds helps your Management. When the Manager has reimbursed a Fund for expenses in excess of this bqc-35ho1, the Manager may recover the reimbursed amounts, for a period that does not exceed five years, to the extent this can be done without exceeding the expense limit. Send your message to the Pearl office, addressed to the Board of Trustees. Disclosure of Portfolio Holdings. Gk of the Board. The information in the Wall Street Journal article was based on an analysis performed by Morningstar Inc.

Communications Invited on Accounting and Auditing. Growth stocks are stocks of companies believed to have above-average potential for growth of revenue and earnings.


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Bwc-35oh1 Funds offer you an Automatic Investment Plan that allows you to make regular monthly investments by. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Recent month-end portfolio holdings are available at www. Thank you for your confidence in Pearl Mutual Funds. Because you and your concerns are important to us, we do this work.

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This report is provided for the shareholders of Pearl Mutual Funds. However, all Pearl Funds performance figures are net, after deducting all expenses all fees, transaction costs, etc. Likewise, the total returns of indexes do not reflect the deduction of taxes that an investor in stocks would pay on dividends or on sale of stocks.

Pearl Total Return Fund has not paid any sales charge, commission, or redemption fee since Each Pearl Fund owns shares of 10 or more mutual funds. The privacy policy is sent to shareholders annually.

We believe this outperformance is significant because it was achieved during generally rising stock markets, while at all times this Fund had a risk-reducing partial defensive position.

Growth stocks may not perform as well as value stocks or the stock market in general. Dow Jones Wilshire Full Cap up You are invited to visit our Website at www. To obtain a Prospectus containing this and other vwc-35ho1, please visit our Website at www.


We eat our own cooking! When you call us, a real, live person will take your call. Any person may communicate, confidentially and anonymously, any concerns regarding accounting or auditing matters to David L.

Many factors affect risks of mutual funds that invest in various kinds of stocks. Your no-load Fund b a no-load investor, seeking to prevent all transaction costs for you and all our shareholders.

Prices of growth stocks may be more sensitive to changes in current or expected earnings than prices of other stocks. All our Trustees, Officers, and employees, plus our Manager and all its shareholders, are Pearl Funds shareholders.

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Performance changes over time and may be materially different by the time you read this report. Your calls, bwc-35o1, and faxes come directly into our office, to help us respond to you quickly. Both Funds outperformed all 3 comparison indexes: When your Pearl Funds investment goes up or down, so does ours!