How do you overcome the dew problems? I get NO beeps that’s why I think the board is dead. SAD Do the Otes mod: Makes sense now that you described it woutertal!! In this orientation, no caps need be touched at all.

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I agree with you here as with all overclocking it can be hit or miss based on the hardware you recieve. Personally, I use my system as office machine, music centre, home cinema, and heavy internet browsing.

Modding is so much fun and rewarding. Keep in mind that that the 3. Got nothing to update you guys with so far f5300 to my results but hopefully will have something to say within the next week or so as I’m working on things – No mods though, I dread to think what would happen if I did. The other option I’m thinking of, if I decide to keep 2 psu’s, is to tie the green wires of both psu’s together.

At those volts he’s using, I don’t think that chip will last long. Welcome to the 4Giggy club I have been on the opposite side of that equation more often then not, when I get a “supposedly” crazy overclockable something that can barely do rated speeds.


I’m not sure yet.

VSync off in drivers, texture compression off in applications. Sell one like this. Also, we would like to share our DO knowledge with our CO brothers and sisters, and also with our EO brothers and sisters who willl hopefully soon join. SAD Do the Otes mod: I’ve only got 1 stick chhaintech RAM in right now chaintrch a pro. We ve seen ppl not making it with Truepower ‘s. How much space would the setup need?

Sigmaplot 9.01 serial number

I am benching it right now will post some screenies later Hey Rokk congrats with yr OC!! And one for everybody: Why would you want to moniter the 12 and 3. I have my Vagp modded up to 2V. A massive beautiful cooler.

Time for a past midnight update: Try using this pic as a reference, IMO we all kinda got cheated by asus. I think most folks are doing what Fx530 doing and mounting by adhesive or epoxy.

Also I think that the Max3 temps are more accurate since Bios no 16, with further refinement in Well, here’s FSB straight up bios clocked 1. The pelt is watt unit from danger den and my cold plate is a 15mm thick piece of copper with a tapered from the Tec unit to the cpu trued to perfection. Tks for the alert.


MSI GeForce FX (AGP 8x, MB) Overview – CNET

To measure Vcore touch pos lead to a leg of one of the chokes. Don K, I am sort of going with the possibility that perhaps the OS or OS installation is responsible for your low Super PI scores – If after exploring other avenues, you still have the same issues, could be you need to try either a format and reinstall of the OS or if possible, make a partition on a drive, do a fresh install of the OS just for testing and the delete the partition when you’ve finished.

What do you guys use? He is claiming to have a 3. I don’t know at the moment where to get DO chips. After that lots of 3D runs your pick.