It had a good grip and looked pretty cool. The pictures were ok for websites and such but nothing else. These are the only three models known to exist. The introduction to the market went pretty smooth and went almost unnoticed. Well, the ones sold by Minolta , Vivitar , Pretec and Polaroid that is. Kodak did the same with their DCi line.

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Kind of impossible if you ask me. Announced by the Associated Press in at showcased at the Digital ’94 trade fair in Miami. In this was not only the world’s first digital camera with a CMOS sensor instead of CCD imaging sensor but also the cheapest “high-quality digital camera” back then.

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What makes this camera so special is the fact that it has an onboard processor that allowed the user to upload his own parameters for resizing, compression etc. I am not so sure about the Konica Q-M but I think it fits in here. Since neither NMC nor Umax made any announcements on their websites regarding these cameras, I am pretty dead certain they were never produced nor sold. Okay, okay, don’t go throwing rocks on me because this one arrived pretty late on the market, in late but I thought it would be neat to have it included.


There are two things however that make this camera rather special.

Fujifilm claimes this in a press release. Logitech marketed the Fotoman Plus in Same goes for the Ansco DigiPix. These cameras were still on sale in with slogans like “Captures vivid images using the latest digial technology” but it was already out-dated hardware back then.

This was made possible by using the Fujifilm HT transmitter. A total of 5, units were produced. Most of them sported USB ports.

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Although it was a pretty big camera it did not have a TFT screen for image preview or playback. It’s a 16 year old typo The camera was unveiled at PMA and marketed the same year.

It came with an optical filter, remote cable and lens adapter. Their first and only digital camera.

The DS is a pretty common camera, can be found very often. Most likely in combination with microscopes etc.


It allowed impressive close-ups up to camerx. So the longevity of this camera was limited. Instead it had an info LCD screen. TCM is the house brand of Tchiboxc526 german coffee discounter. Umax and Mitsubishi were apparently the only licensees to market this one. Rekam is a company founded in Canada by the way! Leica again went the traditional way and let Fujifilm develop this camera.

Although the Kodak DC looks similar, it has nothing to do with this camera. A year later the Canon PowerShot 30 card camera was marketed. It also allowed for voice recording.

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For pro cameras like these there is plenty of information on the internet so I won’t repeat them here. Oh and don’t confuse “high-quality digital camera” with high quality.

So they decided to build a digital camera from the ground up with interfaces to transfer the images right into the hardware.