Looks great and plays great. I have to admit, there’s some truth to the resolution issue. Review Sections Review Specs. S-PVA technology, especially where overdrive technologies are excessively used, do not lend themselves well to movie playback in terms of noise and twinkling, but this should not prove an issue when viewing the screen from a sensible distance. There’s also, as previously mentioned, a total of four USB 2. As such, the screen offers a large pixel pitch of 0. At their native resolution, most current LCD monitors instead operate at a minimum of 96 ppi, and notebook displays are even denser.

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Dell 2707WFP: Looking for the Middle Ground of Large LCDs

In practice, a larger pixel pitch can make text look bigger and so this can be to some peoples liking. You get VGA, DVI, S-Video, composite, and component inputs; you can easily switch between the various inputs at the press of a button on the front of the display.

Dell customer support 27707 confirmed the support of HD content as follows: Other games looked pretty darned good as well. If ksb any point it becomes necessary for Dell to replace your LCD during the warranty period, they will ship out the replacement monitor to you. The component connections are attractive for those wanting to hook up games consoles to their screen e. For the most part this works smoothly, although we did run into a hiccup: Too Low a Resolution?: Design As you’d expect, the WFP is pretty easy to set up.

S-PVA technology, especially where overdrive technologies are excessively used, do not lend themselves well to movie playback in terms of noise and twinkling, but this should not ueb an issue when viewing the dlel from a sensible distance.


The 27″ diagonal offers a larger screen size to the 24″ models same resolution and so while office users might not appreciate the extra size and increased pixel pitch, movie users should benefit from the extra screen size.

The screen also offers a full range of ergonomic adjustments which are certainly useful with a screen this size.

A Close Look At The Dell WFP – TFTCentral

Others are more comfortable with smaller text and a ‘tighter’ pixel pitch, but this is very much down to personal taste. Total War most of today. Though the WFP has most of the features you’d consider essential in a display, it had some notable omissions.

Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. The Bad Expensive; uniformity, ghosting, and color-tracking artifacts that would matter less if the display were cheaper; no HDMI interface; lacks some important settings; generates a lot of heat. Extremetech recorded the black depth at 0. One thing which was widely discussed after the BenQ coverage was that the FPW did not feature hardware based control over aspect ratios of source resolutions.

In theory, that should result in more vibrant and accurate colors, although in practice we found it relatively difficult to discern the difference. As such, external devices would commonly lead to stretching of the image, with the screen offering no way of controling the aspect ratio 4: It confused me at first, but I guess it doesn’t make sense to enable that menu if you are already running the monitor at x As is common with a lot of Dell’s models, the WFP features a wealth of connections as detailed above.


I would have preferred to have seen color temperature settings for the experts and meaningful presets for movies, graphics, work, and so on for more casual users. The Bottom Line The Dell UltraSharp WFP is expensive and not quite up to the task for professional imaging, but its elegant design, big screen, and copious extras will appeal to those with a big budget.

Unfortunately, the manual isn’t specific–it explains modes with the unhelpfully tautological explanation of “To achieve the different color mode for PC and Mac. I have to admit, there’s some truth to the resolution issue. And no HDMI at this price seems a little stingy.

The ports are well labeled and tucked away in a recessed area of the WFP’s back, but it can be surprisingly difficult to attach screw-in DVI and VGA connectors, since the display won’t tilt forward or backward sufficiently to give you room to maneuver.

Continue to next page 01 I think it is important to consider that the extra screen size can lend itself well to multimedia application, but it may not be as suited to office work as a smaller model. Another similar LCD that should be out in the relatively near future is the Viewsonic VXwm, which boasts a 28″ screen size.

Review Sections Review Specs. You can quickly route all cables through the neck, thanks to a slide-off plastic cover. The remaining options are nearly identical to the 24″ WFP.