I tried to update the firmware but with wrong one. Tue Jan 22, 4: XX series until you find one that takes your player out of ADFU mode and reconnects as a removable device in Explorer. Yours has writing under the screen. Atjw samsung k9f4g08u0a that’s the reference of my mp4 thank u I can see just blue screen now. Wed Aug 06, 3:

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So i try to do something with firmware and now i have dark blue light on the screen.

More power to this site I will post pics of it soon. I tried lots of different firmwares v9.

Digipod Mp4 Drivers – awardsrad

Wed Nov 05, 5: Be aware that doing this could kill your player again in which case you need to start from the beginning and do the whole process again. I Not found board digopod.


Wed Aug 06, 3: Unfoftunately I don’t have firmware back up 2. No not this time’ 2.

Does anybody know how to rewrite firmware on thes device? Wed Sep 19, 5: Only a white light gray screen is seen.

Wed Jan 24, 9: How can I high-load mo4 a picture that it the interior life times see? So I can’t use it, but I’m not sure it’s ‘dead’ enough to open it anywas, it has no screws, so I’ve got no idea how to open it.

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The longer side rite? I know it’s chip set name it name like this: If drivers are already installed, then uninstall or update them.

This is the one that I purchased: Tue Sep 30, If you have tried all the firmwares and none worked, i’ll suggest you contact your seller for an exchange if it is still dugipod warranty. I can enter bios by pressing and hloding power button for 10 secs but that’s all, I can’t format or upgrade, it shows: I need firmware for my dead mp4 FW: Fri Jan 25, Mon Feb 05, I have done all the things and now i was stucked. Sat Aug 23, 2: AK samsung chip I will be greatfull if u help make my mp4 works.


It m;4 at the first time! Fri Feb 23, Sat Aug 25, 7: Wait for your help. This is the reason for the sand-glass screen even when you flashed it back to the player.