But as people who use a mouse at least nine hours a day for document and photo editing, spreadsheets, and more, this is the wireless mouse we would buy. The Logitech M is less comfortable than our other picks, but it supports Bluetooth and is more compact. Its sensor tracks well on all surfaces except glass and mirrors, it connects quickly and reliably via a small wireless dongle, and it has eight programmable buttons plus a button to toggle the scroll wheel between ratcheted and freewheel scrolling. The Master 2S can also pair with up to three Bluetooth devices simultaneously; and it has six buttons that can be customized using the Logitech Options software, a scroll wheel toggle, and a second programmable scroll wheel for your thumb. Logitech Marathon Mouse M Runner-up:

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For example, if you have a USB 3. None of our testers said they would recommend the Logitech Wireless Mouse M to others because of its tiny size.

The MX Master 2S measures 3. When our panelists tried out the Kensington SureTrack Any Mouxe Wireless Bluetooth Mousethey noted its lack of palm support and low-set, wireeless scroll wheel. The Logitech M is less comfortable than our other picks, but it supports Bluetooth and is more compact.

You can switch it between ratcheted and infinite scrolling, and you can toggle between them using a remappable button just below the scroll wheel.

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Several panelists who tested the Logitech Wireless Mouse M thought the grooves on the side of the mouse, the seam mousse the palm rest, and the raised plastic on either side of the scroll wheel were uncomfortable. Logitech Marathon Mouse M The best wireless mouse for most hands The inexpensive Marathon is comfortable for a variety of hand sizes durabranr grips, and it tracks accurately on most surfaces.


Subscribe to our daily deals newsletter Subscribe to our daily deals newsletter. By offering both dongle and Bluetooth support, the Triathlon works vurabrand more situations than the Marathon—it can connect to more devices and work with computers that lack USB-A ports. Only one person ranked it fourth in comfort, but they still enjoyed using the mouse.

The Logitech M Silent and Logitech M Silent have no buttons beyond left-click and right-click and cost the same as our top pick.

Five out of seven panel members said the Performance was too large to use comfortably every day, but our two largest-handed testers said this mouse—which measures 5. The Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse has one fewer side button than our top pick, and all our testers agreed that it was a little too small.

But even those two agreed that the MX Master 2S was a comfortable fit. You can adjust ddurabrand sensitivity of the feature using the Logitech Options software, or disable it completely if you dislike it. Our smallest-handed tester said the Sculpt Ergo was too big, and our largest-handed tester said it was too small.

Current Temperatures Take II. If you need a mouse with a better sensor, check out our upgrade pick.

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The Master 2S supports Logitech Optionsas well as Logitech Flow, which lets you move your cursor between multiple computers—even between Mac and Windows—on the same network. The company claims their battery life will last for up to two years, and both mice come with a one-year warranty.


The MX Master 2S is expensive, but duraband comfortable contour, customizable buttons, and sturdy construction make it the best option for people who use a mouse all day.

Wirelews of our panelists disliked it. Durabrand 5 button mouse SF-MW We respect your privacy. We use cookies and similar technologies to measure traffic, repeat visitors and site performance.

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Just gotta mess with the batteries till they sit right. Inwe put together a panel of people with varying hand sizes to test wireless mice and discuss which they liked and disliked to supplement our survey results. Computer powers off in sleep mode The M and M track as well as our top picks and work on every surface except glass and mirror. I have seen a few other posts about the same problems with this mouse, anyone figure them out?

Our pick comes wirleess a three-year limited warranty, which is better than most of our other picks. C Software User Manual: The Triathlon can connect via USB dongle or Bluetooth, and it can pair with and quickly switch between three devices, making it more versatile than the Marathon.

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