The installation process allows you to select which drivers, USB or serial, or both, that you want to install. For advanced modifications, click on the Advanced button in the Properties tab. System reboot may be requiredin order to get the pre-calibrated monitors to work correctly. Contact Elo Application Engineering for availability and details of the use of this file. Left-handed mouse interchanges the standard two-button mouse button assignments. The sensitivity threshold slider adjusts how easy it is to activate the touch screen. Advanced page contains an Option and Right click on hold section.

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For each touch-screen, you must use either USB or serial connection flo order for touch to function. Power up the system and insert the TouchTools CD.

Elo TouchSystems: Acoustic Pulse Recognition (APR)

Target locations for every monitor can be defined in a configuration file, EloTarget. Spr, Beam and Sound. Clicking on the Advanced button will launch the Advanced Features window. If the cursor does not appear at the position touched, click the blue arrow and the alignment program will run again.

The driver files will install and Installation complete screen will appear. With Beep enabled, the user can decide whether the beep occurs as soon as touch is detected or after untouch is detected.

This will bring up the Elo Control Panel application and the alignment program may be run via option two or three listed above. X New Features in 5. The Fontroller window contains the following sections: Once the drive installation is complete, Elo icon will appear at the bottom right hand status bar Elo tool tray.


No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language or computer aapr, in any form or by any means, including, but not limited to, electronic, magnetic, optical, chemical, manual, or otherwise without prior written permission of Elo Touch Solutions. Options, Right click on hold feature, Edge acceleration tool, and Right click are. If the cursor appears at the position touched, click the green arrow.

If you choose not to run this program now, you can run it from ape Elo Control Panel application. The sensitivity threshold slider adjusts how easy it is to activate the touch screen.

By double clicking the Elo icon in the Windows task bar at the bottom right of xpr display. Review and accept the License Agreement.

EloTouch Solution | Support | Driver Download

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For advanced modifications, click on the Advanced button in the Properties tab. If you have more than one APR monitor whose serial number needs to be programmed, select a different hex file for each monitor.

The Use Default Calibration button allows you to reset the calibration back to the original driver default mode.

More information in the “Mouse Emulation Drag and Double-click ” section below. This tab only appears for those Carroll Touch screens that have a separate build in beeper. The About tab provides the version of the Elo Touchscreen Control Panel as well as resourceful links including:.


If the user touches the screen and continues to touch, a right click is generated on the screen as long as the user remains within the Right click area and after the Right click delay time-out has occurred.

Touchscreen properties are identified in the control panel Properties tab. Response to dragging is set by the “Drag delay” slider bar. Touch functionality may be quickly and easily disabled using the Tool Tray icon. This tab will only appear xpr Surface Capacitive Touch screens PreCalibration ap must be enabled on the othercomputer in order for the driver to read the calibration from the Touch monitor.

Follow the above installation procedure for Single monitor, USB controller.

Video alignment or calibration is not required. Elo Uninstaller will launch and proceed with removal of drivers from the computer. EloVA can be run in either landscape or portrait mode. Mouse button emulation mode is selected by selecting the appropriate radio button.