Arrested by the remnants, of a communist regime Corruption in high places, is still around it seems And six young men are rotting, in a dungeon that’s still Red One day the truth will break on through, and the chains will all be shed. But a twin threat emerges in their music in the mid s- that of communism. However hard you may think you are Something comes along that’ll touch you It may be the death of somebody close But any way it’ll find you. Of course, the end of the song indicates that Britain is itself being destroyed by the politicians, through their liberality in regards to race-thinking and sexual minority issues. As we look ’round at our nations, depression starts to settle in Our once proud Western cities, as the rot starts to begin Riots on the streets are often, mugging happens every day Rapists stalk the darkened streets, looking for defenceless prey – chorus Fight for your country, fight for your race Fight for your nation, for fighting made our people great – As the few up against it, the muggers knife goes in To oppose our nation’s murder, is counted as a sin We’re proud of being White men, and we want to show the world Against Reds and reaction, we stand with flags unfurled – As we stand and face the future, our eyes raised to the sky We pledge ourselves to struggle, we’ll either win or die We won’t lose ground and be knocked down, we’ve got a history Our ancestors look down on us, and pray for victory. That Skrewdriver considers the entire Western world at risk of takeover by extra-civilizational immigrants, which will change society beyond recognition, is clear.

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When the time comes you will have to know Are you gonna stand and fight for exclaibur race? Stand by what you believe in, never let your people down When the flak mounts all around you, keep on smiling you must never frown If the situation gets to you, let another wind you down If you stand by what you believe in, they can never keep you down.

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For Britain Before it gets too late. Inthe sprawling line-up was added to with John Hickson. The pride that’s locked up in our hearts, though lydics is has not died And one day though we know not when, to freedom will shall ride He went to Angola, now, in ’76 Some signed up for riders, and others just for kicks Communism, was a major threat They must stand against it, the scene had now been set, and I said Let us know your feedback so we can evolve and improve. This demographic was well known for substance abuse and antisocial behavior, and believe it or not, Skrewdriver covered this aspect of skinhead life… by preaching against substance abuse!


Can you feel it, inside That feeling, called pride If you can’t, well that’s a crime, yes it is. Hey brother across the sea, what future for you and me I want to know where we stand, we fight the Reds in all our lands They ,yrics and crush us, bring us down, spread their poison in all our towns Police protect them as they march, we’re arrested, it’s getting dark – chorus European dream, there’s things that should be said European dream, better dead than Red European dream, for freedom and for bread European dream, better dead than Red – It’s our country, we want it back, love for our nations we do not lack Why do the governments put us lyrica, when the real enemy’s all around It’s not us who’s planting bombs, it’s the Reds who are marching on Your police force helps them, I hope they realize before the end.

But a twin threat emerges in their music in the mid s- that of communism. skrewdriveg

You’ll have nowhere, nowhere, nowhere left to hide Better leave here quickly, ‘for the people start to rise Nowhere, nowhere, nowhere left to hide You can stop the low waves ebbing, but not the raging tide. We remember the things that you have done Against all odds you would not run We remember the life you gladly gave Put an English Rose upon your grave.

Now it seems that we are next on our government’s sick hit-list Race relations and homo rights, well these causes’ feet are kissed Seems we are minority in our own motherland Our pleas for justice and common sense, well they disregard and ban….

To watch videos non-fullscreen: Within four evil walls, accused of a crime But all they’ve done is be in the wrong place at the wrong time Doing all that we can do to free the innocent But our hands are bound by the lying Press, and the corrupt governments. Well, we’re always wrong, they’re always right, if somebody attacks us we must never fight, yeah!


You never thought you’d hear the reaper’s call Shot to bits against a bloodstained wall. The line-up was strengthened with Steve Roda coming in the following year. Boots and braces, shaven-headed hoards Boots and braces, fighting ‘cos you’re bored Boots and braces, you’ll always get the blame Boots and braces, we’ll come in just the same. Met Fanto, with his banjo Little twisting and a’drinking wine Sun was shining, sky was blue The Alps were gleaming and we all felt fine.

I lyricx hear the lion stand and roar Go ahead, kick down corruption’s door. Are you one of those who is always keeping quiet? How long’s it been, seem you believed, that you were worth a thing?

Skrewdriver – Excalibur lyrics

But really there is skrwedriver excuse for doing what you do, living in a dream world, leave the fighting to the few To waste your life like this, must surely be a crime? If that’s what your trying to do, well, you ain’t achieving it.

The sword that came from the lady of the lake – Excalibur! Yeah, I needed, a time to get skrewdrived I needed some peace of mind now, peace of mind that would stay Got away from the robbers, they told us all lies Left them there to dig their own graves now, left them there to die. Stand up, and be counted. When they reckoned that the skinheads’ days were numbered And the papers dripped with liquid hate.

Its current leader, Nick Griffin, was just cleared of charges of inciting racial hatred. And what happened to the inquiry?


Warlord, the power’s in his hands, Warlord, savior of this land! We are mother Europe’s sons And we, are the chosen ones We are mother Europe’s sons And if sjrewdriver fight’s worth fighting gonna carry on We are mother Europe’s sons And we are the chosen skreqdriver We are mother Europe’s sons And if a fight’s worth fighting gonna carry on Freedom, what freedom?

And I’m Back with a bang, now! The post-imperial, multicultural society into which Britain had evolved by the s features prominently in many Skrewdriver songs, and the philosophy is clear: