This software is not supported by Konica Minolta and is to be used at your own risk. If the code changes when these parts are swapped, replace the failed part. This would cause the error to be indicated when large jobs are run. Click on Change Scope. This wavy conditions happens after about 30 copies and is intermittent.

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Afailed gamma sensor within the Color Registration Unit. Try swapping the sensor with the bypass jam sensor PS26 to see if the symptom changes. Select [Change Setting Contents]. Right-click the IC printer.

Drivers for manufacturers Konica Minolta to Printers

Solution The patch files are released to fix the following issue: NVRAMs are no longer available as a spare part because they are completely blank and will not work in the machines. This utility allows for the creation of scan boxes on the engine and to retrieve scans from those boxes.

See attached file for picture of location. The positioning of the paper feed roller bearing should be located towards the rear of the exit unit in the machine. Server R2 1.


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Select the printer from the list. The modified Registration Roller Assembly has undergone a composition change to improvereliability. Before making changes to the registry, make a backup copy.

Carriage Slide Rail on the left front side of the machine is deformed increasing the distance between the write units and the drum carriage unit. Replace fuse as needed. The pixel ratio is calculated from the actualarea written bythe write unitand the total paper area, based on A4 size.

Enter the 47 Mode. On the General tab select the printer from the list. Print jobs may hang when printing from fiedy or more workstations simultaneously using the GDI driver.

Are you missing the blue bars and only getting a very simple interface? From the workstation perform the Run command to connect to the server example: Select bit number 1 of the software dipswitch by pressing either the up or down arrow indication at the right.

This is the same part number required for the connector on the back of the tray. The default is public all lowercase.

The harness to the fuser exit sensor, PS17, might be pinched in the fuser unit assembly. Ensure that the memory board is seated in its connector.


Solution Please see the attacheddocumentation to see the various Key Counter 4-pin locations. Possible bad electrical connection. However they can do something very similar when copying using stamping and overlays. The decurling roller is improperly installed with the bearings installed backwards.

The registration sensor is the reflective type and will misdetect the lead edge of the x3s if the following is not performed: Make sure to turn ECM mode back on after correcting the problem.

With use of the high-gloss paper, the conveyance roller slips and cannot convey the paper into the main unit. The correct size paper tray is either set to a special type, size or to a paper weight setting that is 4 or xx3e. Future user mountain lion download for mac.