The device has still power on, so it can be ‘seen on the desktop’, and it can be mounted again. Retrieved April 20, Archived from the original on March 7, Supporting devices were introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show. Auto Sync is customizable so that the player will transfer only content that meets certain criteria songs rated four stars or higher, for instance. Post as a guest Name.

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These features can be used as more efficient alternatives to whole-file transfers and re-uploads.

How to unmount MTP USB device from command line – Ask Ubuntu

fus-ebased Apart from some uncategorized formats in the beginning, the list of formats is grouped in categories of image, audio, video and document formats, with each category having one “Undefined” format followed by specific formats. Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved April 20, Instead of figuring out how to unmount the device, I needed to find out what process fuse-baesd daemon was claiming it.

I was asking the wrong question. Auto Sync is customizable so that the player will transfer only content that meets certain criteria songs rated four stars or higher, for instance. Additionally, the MTP allows MTP Initiators to identify the specific capabilities of device s with respect to file formats and functionality.

By not exposing the filesystem and metadata index, the integrity of these is in full control of the device. The MTP specification includes an enumeration of file formats, called object format. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Furthermore, because the host computer has full control over the connected storage device, there is a risk that the host computer may corrupt the file system, reformat it to a file system not supported by the USB device, or otherwise modify it in such a way that the USB device cannot completely understand it.


You should end with something like: A disadvantage of MTP devices on Android as compared to USB mass storage is that although file timestamps are preserved when copying files from the Android device to one’s computer, when copying in the other direction, the file modification timestamps are replaced with the time the copy was done. Archived from the original on March 7, You can unmount by using below commands, First check list of all the blocks and mount paths.

mtp-fuse in Launchpad

Instead, files must be manipulated using Windows Explorer or applications with specially written MTP support. Bachalo 4 Several tools provide a FUSE based file system for mounting MTP devices within the Unix filesystem hierarchy, making it accessible to any program that operates on files and directories.

Sign up using Facebook. Copies of files accessed over MTP may remain on the host computer even after reboot, [ citation needed ] where they will be accessible to the user account which accessed them, as well as any other user accounts able to read that user account’s files, including any administrative users. USB mass storage device class.

Media Transfer Protocol

The device has still power on, so it can be ‘seen on the desktop’, and it can be mounted again. A main reason for using MTP rather than, for example, the USB mass-storage device class MSC is that the latter operates at the granularity of a mass storage device block usually in practice, a FAT blockrather than at the logical file level.


The buffers are flushed, so it is safe to unplug the device. In practice, therefore, when a USB host computer has mounted an MSC partition, it assumes absolute control of the storage, which then may not be safely modified by the device without risk of data corruption until the host computer has severed the connection.

MTP and PTP specifically overcome this issue by making the unit of managed storage a local file rather than an entire possibly very large unit of mass storage at the block level. MTP defined in slide 3.

jmtpfs (1) – Linux Man Pages

After an initial period of uncertain reactions, several jtp media player producers such as Creative Technology and iriver adopted the MTP protocol in place of their own protocols. Windows Portable Devices Team Blog. Compared to devices that implement USB mass storage, such devices cannot be accessed programmatically by scripts or normal Windows programs that depend on drive letters.

You’ll need to use the propper tools for managing gvfslike gvfs-mount or fusermount. Archived fuse-nased the original on June 4, Windows 7’s sensor platform supports sensors built into MTP-compatible devices. Retrieved November 26, A free and open-source implementation of the Media Transfer Protocol is available as libmtp. Also several third-party file transfer applications are available for Mac OS X v