Changing the Paper Size for the Trays Pull the lever of the end guide up and move it along the slot 1. The machine is not powered on. You can allocate features to the Custom 1 and 3 buttons with the same procedure. Enter a directory name. Refer to this section when your machine has the 2-sided printing feature. In the Auto Receive mode, reception of a fax from a remote machine begins automatically. Receiving Faxes Using Manual Receive If the fax reception mode is set to the Manual Receive when the machine rings to notify of an incoming call, pick up an external telephone or select [On-hook] on the screen that appears.

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Page Overview of Auditron Administration Scan Service The items you can manage for scan jobs using the Auditron Administration feature are as follows. For Fz Store all consumables in accordance with the instructions given on the package or container. Cancel Cancels printing the apeosporg. Included Manuals Several manuals are included with this product.

Select this item when all documents are of the same size. Page 15 Maintenance Pull up the green lever to open the inner cover. Problem Solving 16 Problem Solving This chapter describes 45 that may occur with the machine and their solutions.


Then remove the guide from the Tray. Job flow is a feature for executing a series of registered actions. In the event of using substitute tray, set the size. Trouble during Printing The font differs from the Cause The font replacement is set on the print driver.

Push a new staple cartridge into the holder. Output Format Sends an e-mail without a digital signature.

Fx Apeosport 450 I Ps B Driver Download

Note that the items appearing depend on the configuration of the machine. You can set a number from 1 to pages. Cx comment is added to the recipient field.

Apeospirt The following describes the printer language emulations available on this machine. Turn the machine off at the end of the day or when it is not in use for a long period of time.

Entering Text Entering Text During operations, a screen for entering texts sometimes appears. Select [Address Search Directory Service. Duplex Kit Allows you to vx or print on both sides of paper. When using G3 communications, the G3 ID is recorded.

Fx Apeosport I Ps B Driver Download

Part of the image is Cause The document is pasted or folded. Use [ ] and [ ] or select [Enter Number using Keypad] and enter the last page number. To change the import settings, click [Settings] in the document selection dialog box, and set in the dialog box that appears.


Depending on the usage of paper, copying may not be performed properly.


Refer to “Replacing the Drum Cartridge” Reports Fd Settings More Photo Enables to recognize newspaper and advertisement halftone images as photos. You need to confirm the remote mailbox number and password. Setting a password is strongly recommended for security.

The following explains how to remove jammed paper from the locations below. Step 1 Loading Documents E-mail E-mail You can scan a document and send the scanned data as an e-mail attachment. The document is not fed Cause The document size is too small. The Direct Fax procedure depends on the application you use.

Windows R apeosport driver – test. Select the size of the document.