At a change of light, new cops will come along and replace them, but I do believe there’s a limit to the number of people there. You need spy and rob the following blue gangs places: Those soldiers can pack a punch and if you get caught up with some of them in yellow areas, kill them without hesitation. You could throw a bomb into the office but the rate that they throw out gangsters to guard the office is far too quick to make the task easy. When driving towards a crowd, pause the game and target the closest person, now unpause it and watch their colour square underneath their feet will vanish as you shoot them.

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River of gold] [Episode Dual pistols Very hard gangstres master, expensive and the damage isn’t great. Heres some answers to the most popular ones: JimmyHammer JimmyHammer Sorry, data for given user is currently unavailable.

Make sure before you claim the site, it has trucks around. A little pointless in my opinion especially when you’ve got muscle. When putting a specialist into the illegal business, buy anyone from the newspaper, they tend to be more or less the same. Once you’ve got enough money for at least 2 armoured cars, head to their brothels and take them. Once you’ve finally defeated the blue gang, take on the next weakest, pink and finally yellow.

You need spy and rob the following blue gangs places: You must always keep watch of this area as your gangsters can’t react as early as you can and also they might run across the street to claim those sites and they could be killed by the nasty armoured car. Just be aware of the fact that if you fail to kill him when he’s running out of the safe house, he’ll become extremely frustrating to kill him from then on.


Especially if you want to do canhot objectives, so here’s the plan, since you’ve only got one and he’s going to get wanted by taking the priest or the accountant, you might as well send him out to do some work.

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Now, hire him some muscle get in the fastest car i. Every where you go nail them. Assign him to the illegal site can’t remember where, try the specialist tab back at the office. The hostage will be thrown out, so kidnap him quickly.

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You might want to start on all the directdrqw gangs as well. She might not be much at first but never the less; an extra gangster is useful and she can be a choice to be one of the permanent gangsters in the game. Once you’ve done this, pause the game and set up a hide out or safe house there and place him in there.

Put defences in the following places: Send the gangsters in cars first Especially those who have full muscle hired and distract the crowd that comes down the road If anyone is hurt or down to one or two muscle drive away. Sccess should claim brothels early or as soon as you can, as they will be a problem that should quickly be removed. So keep him to do guard duty.


Send any one who is injured in the battle to flee and hire extra gangsters if you need more covering fire. It should be important that you do as many objectives to help other gangs join forces with you to save time and money fighting them. Any business you spy in will allow you to see its cash flow and some more personal details. Hollington This is always been a topic of concern as many people can’t do the first bit right. But if you can’t be tossed, just get the store near the top.

Bring 2 gangsters making sure one of them is a bomber hide one round the corner to cut off his escape and use the other to throw a bomb through his window killing everyone except Constantine’s father. The first payback] [Episode acceas Once you gwngsters him coming out of the building make sure you concentrate all your firepower on him.

When your new gangster arrives, put him to work. Forgot your username or password?

As long as its not from your allies, terminate with discrimination.