English Avatar Selecting an Emotion You can add emotive animations to your avatar so that you can convey any expression you want during a messenger video conference. Adjust the color levels of the inner mouth. Sharpness can soften and sharpen images to achieve different effects. Plug in a microphone and your avatar can lip-sync whatever you say instantly. Crazy Talk works with Windows 10 or previous versions but the Genius utility only works in Windows 7 or previous versions. Page 31 English Mouth:

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To create a card, do the following: Does CrazyTalk work with Windows 8 or 10 or later version?

What is your global warranty on your products? It is brand new, I bought it from Amazon, how do I get a replacement?


English back and preview the latest comics or link to the content genous site for purchasing more comic effects. Page 59 Custom to browse through the custom-created models.

I kept the CD. Adjust the brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation levels of the image manually. Can I install the webcam on my Android tablet? Where can I download it? To use the Comic Effect features: This program needs taking ten pictures for recognition.


You can send your talking messenger or card image in a variety of formats including. Page 62 To use 20220af Comic Effect features: The emotion is now displayed in My Emotions in More Emotions dialog.

Because of copyright regulation, we cannot offer you a new CD or license key. The card can be saved as. Unfortunately, we do not offer global warranty on our products. If you have multiple cameras installed on your PC, you need to select one of them. Selection Resolution Resolution selections according to No matter how far you sit from the screen, you are always in focus.

Animate any person, animal, or illustration with CrazyTalk Avatar Creator’s easy-to-use professional editing tools. Select the desired image and click Open to load it.

I lost the Webcam CD and would like to install Crazytalk software for the cam. Page 47 Refer to the following steps to quickly start using CrazyTalk Cam Suite in your instant-messaging video conference. Did you install the Genius IPM utility? English Property page Property page allows user to adjust a person like property of the webcam.


We have some problems with your product. What is license key? Take Skype for instance: Click My Emotions and you can see the content which you have purchased from the Reallusion website or create by CrazyTalk Avatar Creator.

Check the Package Contents if the device requires a driver. Feedback We appreciate your feedback for your Genius product user experience Support geniusnet.

Genius Product Support – iSlim AF

2020av any emotion in the More Emotions dialog, your avatar will show the emotion instantly. Got it, continue to print. Your photos are brought to life in amazing animation by fitting them with CrazyTalk Avatar Creator’s proprietary Facetrix, facial morphing technology.

The software password is on the back cover of the CD envelope.