A solution that works is to use usb-modeswitch. If you have a Vodafone branded modem you may want to use the firmware linked to in comment 24 of that bug instead. FraGe fragebuntu wrote on Well, I got the laptop, downloaded the newest version of Ubuntu, installed it and The modem even was not always detectable. All commands I give here are just the commands – you will likely need to put ‘sudo’ in front of them so you have the permissions of root to carry them out

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The Windows driver Software seemed to work even with the old buggy version. Ok I have taken the dirty fix benh referenced above and applied it to the karmic kernel linx built some kernels for testing.

I have no idea in what ubuntu kernel it will show up: If the dongle is your only Internet connection you will have to save the kernel update packages on a flash disk and use them to upgrade after you installed 9.


Yellow Dog Linux • View topic – Set Up Huawei E USB 3g/HDSPA/UMTS modem

Blake Munro blake-munro wrote on Comment on this change optional. Even 2e70 that say, Huawei for beginners gets the 2 hemispheres of my brain the left cell and the right cell in a knot.

After upgrade to new kernel 2. See full activity log.

All times are GMT Here’s the “final” patch that unless major problem or end of the world, Greg will send to Linus and apply to -stable tomorrow:. Jyrki Luoma hoikkam73 wrote on Bruno Cunha brunoscunha wrote on Added Headers and version control.

Huawei E220

Russell Faull, post anything at http: Hhawei scsi generic sg2 type 5 [ You can then dial the modem with: November 19th, 1.

Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt.

Email me about changes to this bug report. If you need to reset your password, click here.

We identified the bug upstream, it’s a 2. November 22nd, 5.


It works for me, good luck Jimmers. Jose Bernardo bernardo-bandos wrote on GeorgeVita 8-launchpad-mhnyma-com wrote on That’s what I did.

Yellow Dog Linux

Andrea Chiavazza andrea-c7a wrote on The following link relates to Ubuntu but it may be of some use: The bug for the Huawei E is bug Martin Wildam wrote on I needed to get my modem and software installed on a Windows box. Carl Englund englundc wrote on It used to work out-of-the-box with Jaunty and previous versions of Karmic kernel 2. Join our community today! Download full text 4. I can confirm this – had the same experience – but: