Overall, it is on par with a 2. Unfortunately, only the notebook itself can charge the external battery. Input and Output Along the right side there are no ports. This is good since you don’t have to carry a restore CD, but it’s bad if the hard disk itself has problems. Of course reception will also depend on what wireless card you have, I had an Atheros HP Spectre x 13 late

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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme review: Yomicron Seniorius Lurkius Registered: Mainstream application performance, as measured by Business Winstoneis adequate but by no means impressive — the X31’s score of 43 is actually beaten by the 1.

IBM ThinkPad X31 Review (pics, specs)

Support calls after the warranty expires will cost you, but three years is a long time for free phone calls in the meantime. All in all what I am most please with is the build quality, I feel like I can take this laptop anywhere, and that is a good feeling.

The ThinkPad X31 has many little touches that improve usability, too, including a screen magnifier for zooming in on details, browser Forward and Back keys, the ThinkLight keyboard light, and the Access IBM button, which provides quick access to IBM’s thimkpad help and bundled utilities that actually help you solve real-world problems and get the most out of the notebook.


It is not a big deal, it will just cost more to upgrade your wireless card. I hope it’s useful. Two catches hold the X31’s lid snugly closed.

I value build quality the most in a laptop, without that I will pass on any laptop, no matter what other features are on it. Lenovo fine-tuned its formula for the Yoga C, adding a trio of useful features that Message 5 of 5.

Message 4 of 5. Processor and Performance I found the performance on the X31 very snappy. Sep 12, Posts: Throw in a few power management tweaks, and you’ll easily get a full day’s work from the X31 on two batteries. For a notebook with no floppy or optical drive, the X31 is on the big side, at The X31 doesn’t include much printed documentation: Features We’re not joking when we say that the ThinkPad X31 is packed with features.

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Oct 12, Posts: However I have heard very good things about the service from the ThinkPad forums. Defiler Ars Praetorian Tribus: Benchmarks We use the program Super Pi to get a benchmark of processor speed.


Wed Feb 25, 4: The option of a rpm hard drive the X40, along with most other new ultra portables, use 1. Visit manufacturer site for details.

Can the IBM X31 be upgraded to Bluetooth?

TrackPoint driver for Windows – ThinkPad The security scheme is designed thinmpad work with wireless security protocols such as Cisco’s LEAP and Feb 10, Posts: Speakers The speakers on any ultra portable are about as dumpy as you can get. Of course, this is after I upgraded to 1.

The only gripe I have was mentioned before and that was the wireless card bios lock that IBM decided to implement. A score of 1, under 3DMark doesn’t come close to the leading edge for Pentium M systems, so don’t look to the X31 for good gaming performance. Tue Mar 02, 4: I want to connect wireless with my wireless internet point.

ThinkVantage System Update 3.