Manufacturer’s warranty length is 1 year limited. Macs with USB Cards: Are your eyes bleeding? Built in support in ROM. How do I replace my KeyBoard once I get it? Hi, Just registered on this forum to post this. Click Here to Contact Us Today.

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Griffin Imate ADB To USB Adapter

Buyers outside the lower 48 United States will need to be seasoned Geekhack members. ADB devices can also be daisy-chained just as with current Macs. Please share your review with us. Related Articles High Definition Applications that communicate with ADB devices like hardware protection dongles and color calibrators may work with the iMate OS X Driver when “Classic claims iMate” is selected in the iMate preference pane. You are currently logged in as a guest.

fixed : where to get an OSX driver for Griffin iMate USB to ADB adapter |

The iMate allows you to continue to use your favorite mice, keyboards, trackballs, trackpads, hardware dongles and other ADB peripherals. How to identify what Hard Drive you have? That’s an example that shows there is an adaptet directionality in the word ‘to’. Is the iMate OS X compatible? What do I need?


Wow, for some reason I thought it would’ve been less than that originally. Please login or register. Manufacturer’s warranty length is 1 year limited.

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Macs with USB Cards: You never go from the destination to the origin. BlackFalcon also backed out. This is different than previous PowerBooks that would awake with any keystroke. Wed, ro March However, this does not necessarily mean that your device attached to iMate is OS X compatible. If it’s part of the device, it’s one direction. See how it works now?

Griffin iMate ADB to USB adapter

Payment I accept money orders and cashier’s checks in USD. Still have plenty left. WLM will handle all other customer issues. I receive a new drive and it has the problem of not accepting the CD into the slot. Silicon Valley mostly abides. Describe the question or issue you have.

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PC support is generally limited to mouse and keyboard support. The iMate supports multiple devices if you chain them together so you can connect your mouse, keyboard, and other devices with a single iMate.


Therefore they also work in Vista x64, and probably anything else that allows USB keyboards. I looked it up on archive.

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