An attempt was made to set a connection, statement, or scroll options to a value that was not allowed. Configure a data source. Refer to Install a Management Agent. Row Security When row security is active, the statement is modified to include the appropriate WHERE clause for filtering secured rows. If you are working with a large result set, you should close JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and any applications that require a lot of memory so that you can more quickly navigate through the records.

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Once the installation is complete the browser is redirected to the Management Console page for the newly registered Data Access Driver.

User Defined Codes When user-defined codes UDCs are enabled, you see the associated description instead of the internal code when the column data is returned. You must enter the name of an existing data source. You can modify an existing data source. An attempt to convert a column to a numeric value caused a truncation of decimal digits. The default option is to display the associated description instead of the user-defined code. The conversion of column data resulted in a truncation of the value.

Results 1 to 10 of Services Consulting Education Modernization Outsourcing. We have disaster recovery plans in place should the unthinkable happen we also take nightly backups of our Database.


You attempted to use a column you are not authorized to use. Once you log on, you will not see the Solution Explorer because it is only activated so that the ODA driver can check security and environment mappings.

You attempted to execute a statement enterpriseobe there are pending results. You attempted to use a configuration option that is unknown to the driver. From the Data menu, select Get External Data.

You should allocate more room for the column data to avoid this informational message. Select Create New Query.

ERP Systems

The size limitation of the text or RTF is 30, characters, and text will be truncated when it reaches this limitation. Loads and unloads drivers on behalf of an application. You must understand how the currency column is used to make effective use of filtering.

Adding a data source Configuring a data source Removing a data source Data Truncated The conversion of column data resulted in a truncation of the value. An attempt to convert a column to a numeric value failed because the output data type could not accommodate the value in the column. Setting the row set size to a value other than one. Finish building your query with Query Wizard and save the query. A user attempted to use a User Defined Code column in a complex expression. Before you install ODA, ensure that your system meets the specified hardware and software requirements.


Install a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Data Access Driver

GLDVJ, etc – I can’t recall the other dates from memory and if possible, what do I enable in the datasource for the dates to show up I have enabled everything to do with dates by clicking edwwards “advanced” button when creating the datasource name. Microsoft Windows 95 or later, or Windows NT 4.

Management Agent is installed on target machine. The Propagate Enterprise Server Config drop-down oebc only if any enterprise server is registered within the Server Manager console. Therefore, no Stop button is displayed.

For information on log files, refer to the chapter entitled: Invalid Date or Time String An attempt to convert a character column to a date, time, or timestamp value failed because the character column did not contain a valid format. On the Connect form, select one or more of these options: I investigated ODA and tabled my findings to our IT Department, they confirmed it was read-only and have allowed me to use it to produce ad-hoc queries.

The Propagate Enterprise Server Config drop-down contains the etnerpriseone enterprise server instances registered with the SM console within a particular selected server group.