AS SSD is a benchmark program that will show you the transfer speeds of you ssd. It was a nice fella here that tried to help me [my first thread here maybe? It’s all up to you, you can test various ways if you want and see which works best for you. Then make a clean image once you have things setup and system restore disabled, then you wont have to start from scratch next time. RAID will not cause issues with the particular Marvell chip on your board, it’s much better than most of the other X58 boards with a Marvell controller, that’s why I said it’s actually pretty good. Another xp m 11 years ago.

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Install XP: Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer

Tried to install xp as i was not able to start window. Thanks for the tip.

Abdu 9 years ago. Find More Posts by kingmortz. The NTFS name has 0xab as parent. Thanks again for posting.

Im going to try the clean install. I had just exited safe mode, maybe w some new change dunno but I had already placed the Win disk in the drive. Gee 8 years ago.

DrJones 10 years ago. That is after formatting my windows partition Given that i have two OS on my laptop i had the above mentioned problem setup did not find hard disk ….


See, here is the same drives connected with scheduling enabled, but you can see I can’t schedule a defrag for the SSD’s, even selecting all disks does not select the SSD’s they will always say “never run” http: Sorry, I didn’t notice you were using that. Chandra Yerrabothula 5 years ago. I still need to get an avatar, but plan to soon enough!

Just knowing that changing the SATA mode helps the startup helped me out a ton! Anyway Im hopin that I dont hear any talk of “well you should have” because Im almost finished reinstalling, so Im going to finish whats left, and check back. If the SSD is connected to the white sata3 ports the drive will show doing the first screen of post.

Thank you very much for this information. This morning when I went to startup, I was greeted with a black screen noticed disk activity so I let it keep running for sometime I finally used the power button to shut down, turned off the actual power supply, and proceded to use F8 to boot into safe mode.

It does tell you this when you attempt to change it.

SATA Controllers

I did exactly as you suggested pooch. It appears the Antec reviewed by TT! C drive as Degrag “never ran”, but then its says below “only drives that can be defragmented will be shown”.

Hey, Thanks for your help. Rahul 11 years ago. It worked with nLite! Hi, 1 You may need to update the Vertex 3 firmware.


MEDION – Driver Download

Nothing is updated via device manager, at all. So anyways I might just push my luck and reconnect the HD’s soon!

A few years ago, I was preparing to switch back to the use of McAfee, and the program would not install it wanted clean temps Ive copied the steps to load on my usb of needed files! Assassin has the same controller as the Rampage III Black Edition, so this will work for you it worked for me perfectly: Then make a clean image once you have things setup and system restore disabled, then magvell wont have to start from scratch next disf.

Treiber & Updates

marvsll The problem with this amrvell is it comes under several different names and can be found in different sections within the BIOS. I would strongly suggest everyone try this setting solution first. Ranjith R 3 years ago. In reguards to backup, its been said that a fresh install is a good idea after a yr dunno if this is true w SSD But Im thinking more along the lines of say two months down the road.