Thank your clearing this out. I will come back with the solution if I find one. They just wanna sell their ware. You are reporting the following post: October 9, at 5: Hi, is there any way that I could use my Acer Aspire laptop as a monitor for my desktop pc?

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My fingers are just tired. Giant screen resolution MaxiVista full version only now offers linking up to four PCs to get a giant desktop up to 12,x1, pixel screen resolution New: Meanwhile I found a nice workaround: I am very interested in doing this, but I am running Vista.

The problem with MaxiVista…

VGA input for laptop to able to use it as maixvista monitor. Help us by reporting it. MaxiVista is a software application that lets you use another PC — your laptop, for example — as an extra….

Bob, OK, it is more like a virtual video input But it is a nice workaround and even better than a video input because it also allows me to operate the laptop from the desktop which is pretty nice. MaxiVista overcomes the limitation that computers do not have VGA inputs, and thus normally cannot be used as a monitor. I connected it via VGA cable to a laptop that runs Vista. Sign up using Email and Password.


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What am I doing wrong? Most capture cards has Female pins too.

MaxiVista Turns Any Laptop Into A Dual Monitor

Back to Laptops forum 11 total posts. Even video playback runs smoothly across the network New: Track this discussion and email me when there are updates.

I will come back with the solution if I find one. Ian has been writing for Fly Away Simulation for over 9 years.

October 8, at 6: It has become quite intuitive for me. Of course, this is a low-tech hardware solution that plugs into my Tablet PC via a big thick ugly analog cable. Wow, that seems like a very ingenious solution! Thanks in advance Ajay. CNET’s Forum on laptops is the best source for finding help, troubleshooting, and getting buying advice from jaxivista community of experts.

They just wanna sell their ware.

MaxiVista allows you to use additional machines as either an extra monitor or you can simply remote control them with one shared keyboard and mouse. This was helpful 0. So xp shows itself as primary display and vista is showing itself as primary display.


Any advice is very appreciated, I have explored virtual desktop builds, but none of those can render 3D the old laptop to be used as a screen has no 3D card to speak of Thanks a lot! David Remy 1, 10 Some people just use device manager to install windows XP drivers for thier hardware, and then they can run MaxiVista, but they have problems viewing images and videos and playing games, as in they get the blue screen of death.

MaxiVista Turns Any Laptop Into A Dual Monitor

For full details, click on Read More. If it solves your need, you’ll like it for most things except gaming. There is no signal loss normally caused by digital-analog conversion Vag New: