The driver is now closed. Thanks guys for helping me get this sorted. You can now configure the number of ports MIDI Yoke will present, plus the upper limit has been expanded to 16 ports. Fix a SysEx corruption problem when buffers arrive very close together in time. Added a manual install version of the updated driver.

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You can also access the settings dialog from this applet. This may help some people who had trouble installing the previous driver. Self extracting zip files replace the old zip package. If this seems counter intuitive – think of it as like connecting the out of your junciton keyboard to the In of your computer using a hardware cable.

MIDI Yoke Removal – Windows

juntion It is hard coded to 8 ports and can’t be changed. It is not as robust as the Windows 9x driver, is still Beta code and will not be supported — use at your own risk. It should work-did for me Be sure not to select the same port as in- and output — yoe MIDI Yoke has a built-in feedback detection, it seems not to modi reliably. This seems to be really counterintuitive to people, but it’s the only way that it can work as a patch cable.


Fri Aug 23, Thanks guys for helping me get this sorted. You can also Remove the driver using this applet if need be.

Swing like your life depends on it. MIDI Yoke attempts to detect this condition and will break the connection when it is detected. If Windows NT finds this file it attempts to load it instead of the system one, and anomalies result. Pictorial Install can be viewed or printed.

If you exceed this amount it may prevent the driver from loading at bootup time. If the controller shows up at the output, MIDI feedback is detected, and the driver is disabled. MIDI Yoke is normally used to connect two applications together.

MIDI Yoke is normally used to connect two applications together. As far as I know, the problem with Midi Yoke on 64b is that it cannot be used in 64 bit applications.

Previous topic Next topic. The driver should now be re-enabled and operational.

MIDI Yoke Junction

Choose Add a new Device. Fri Apr 01, 5: MIDI Yoke is normally used to connect two applications together. Choose the other virtual cable as the Out device in FTS and the In device in the soft synth or sampler.

On the next screen press [Have Disk. When the buffers on the input application attachment were smaller than those on the output application attachment, data was not always split correctly into separate buffers. Sun Feb 14, 7: You can daisy chain more midi programs together, by using more virtual cables.



If you leave UAC enabled, then you can’t run the installer. Midi Yoke Junction is easy to install on XP if you follow the right link on its download page ignore the pictorial instructions – but has an issue if you use it on XP with Giga, also needs UAC temporarily disabled to install it on Vista – see next section.

Windows Driver Update: The dialog allows you to specify the number of MIDI Yoke ports that should be enabled, and the Feedback detection ykke.

MIDI Yoke is not a normal driver! Minor change to SysEx handling to pull Real-time events out of SysEx Buffers and send them separately, although they shouldn’t have been in there in the first place.