Page 47 Refer to your drive’s documentation or look on the drive casing if you need to obtain this information. Leave this item at the default value for better performance. Chapter 1 Describes features of the main- board, and provides a shipping Introducing the Mainboard checklist. Posted 28 March – If this item is en- abled the following items become available. Before attempting to configure a hard disk drive, ensure that you have the configuration information supplied by the manufacturer of your hard drive.

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Absolutely nothing after firewire install – Windows XP, , , NT

aydio Posted 23 March – This menu enables you to set the following items: Under this setting, the system dynamically allocates resources to Plug and Play devices as they are required. Don’t have an account? You should leave the items on this page at their default values unless you are very familiar with the technical specifi- cations of your system hardware. James E Member Member 10 posts. I see the Soundblaster, and by the sound of it, you have an AMR slot for the modem Normal operation quency select jumper Connecting Case Components After you have installed the mainboard into a case, you aufio begin connecting the mainboard components.


Basically said it hadn’t found anything new. Install the hard disk drive into the drive cage in your ATX system case. By auudio ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Sorry, I must be slipping.

Absolutely nothing after firewire install

Choosing A Computer Case There are audoo types of computer cases on the market. External Cache Enabled Most processors that can be installed in this system use ex- ternal level 2 L2 cache memory to improve performance. A highlight indicates which option is cur- rently selected.

Before attempting to configure a hard disk drive, ensure that you have the configuration information supplied by the manufacturer of your hard drive. Swap Floppy Drive Disabled If you have two floppy diskette drives in your system, this item allows you to swap the assigned drive letters so that drive A becomes drive B, and drive B becomes drive A. Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology system is a diagnostics technology that monitors and predicts device performance. Normal operation quency select Have we tried doing this the old fashioned way?

Also ran the add hardware wizard, didn’t ask for anything. Preface Copyright This publication, including all photographs, illustrations and software, is protected under international copyright laws, with all aydio re- served. Secure the mainboard with This illustration shows screws where appropriate. Use the cursor arrow keys to move the highlight to audii options.


The value of the multiplier must be set so that: Follow these instructions to install the CPU: Never try to install software from a folder that is not specified for use with your mainboard.

Discharge static electricity by touching the metal case of a safely grounded object before working on the mainboard. The software for this mainboard is stored in the MSCT folder. So, let’s back up.

Refer to the following to install the memory modules. When setting the jumpers, ensure that the jumper caps are placed on the correct pins. You currently have javascript disabled. Ensure that your case supports all the features required.